Ideal solution for your internal advertising

Display your offer, ads or technical data with the web app on all your screens at the same time.

Lighting fast and green

Advanced and light technology

The core system running on DominoCMS open source technology is a web based app. The application is lightning fast, extremely light and low data consuming, therefore it is very energy efficient and green. It saves up to 1000 % less power on the client and the server side.

Control your future

Everything is automated and timed

All the modules are created in the way with a showing planner. You can select the date and time of starting the projection and the end of showing. Now you can set up everything in advance for weeks, months and then just forget about it and let the system take everything from there.


Remote data integration

Get your content from existing sources and apps

Litebox is fully integratable with CMS and CRM systems or any other IT solutions or applications. It can read external data from a local or remote database or source. You can edit the content in the existing CMS and display content on the website and your display at once.


Complete remote control

Control all your displays from one place

There is no delivery if there is no control, so litebox offers complete control from anywhere around the world.
The administration panel is a web based app which you can access from any device in the world whether it be a desktop, tablet
or mobile. Be on the beach and control or see any of your screens at any moment.

The system is multi-user and multi- language and offers customizable user rights and user roles. The control can therefore be centralised, or fully hierarchical with a series of admins, managers and moderators who can control parts of the screen or only a specific screen.

Companies can see all actions of all their users around the world and have a peak at any of the screens everywhere.


User rights and roles

Take control and set who can manage content on which screens

The system offers complete control over all screens with user rights and roles functionality. You can set editors of different schemes and modules, so specific users can manage specific content and screens.

Reliable operation and support

24 hours a day

Reliable cloud hosting

Constinuous and safe operation

We offer complete hosting for the app via our basic website LiteBox service. All of that is hosted on our fast, secure and reliable servers which run continuously without down time. Based on your specific desire, we can also set up a dedicated server just for you.

Reliable support

By your side with editing and creating content

Round-the-clock administration and technical support ensures that you have backing at any moment. Phone or e-mail service helps you from content administration and editing, to removing errors.

Unlimited growth and upgrading

Maintaining longevity of the hardware

Based on your location our service network is growing and available
to service, maintain and repair any problems that might occur as well as constantly upgrading the applications and functionalities.