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LiteBox App

Screen playback application


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LiteBox App Lite

Basic app for image advertisements


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LiteBox App Pro

Professional application for advanced users


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Server-based professional app


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Display your offers and advertisements across all your screens simultaneously using our app

The ideal solution for businesses and organizations offers various methods of digital advertising, both in the realm of internal communication and sales.

The future of communication lies in the digitization of data and its visualization, and in this realm, we offer advanced solutions.

The LiteBox solution enables efficient internal advertising across all your LED screens from one online platform.

Our solution allows, among other features, the display of content from websites and business systems, posting notifications, events, news, and promotions. Additionally, we offer you high-quality design services to enhance your marketing image.

Technical specifications

HostingDomdesign / Siel
ServerDominoServer (Linux /
DatabaseMySql Percona
Content editorModusCRM 1.0
AppDomino.Litebox 1.1
SSL certificateOn the playback domain
Varnost Zaklepanje s ključem
PodporaSvetovanje, administrativna
Garancija1 mesec

Endless possibilities

You can choose from multiple content modules that automatically display content on screens without the need for design. You can time-limit all entries or set display dates in the future. Through a simple remote interface and editing, you have complete control over display, content, and playback scenarios


Touch applications

As an exciting upgrade for users of your spaces and centers, we also offer programmed touch screen applications. Through these applications, your users can browse through your advertisements, notifications, events, news, offerings, price lists, and other content.

Integration of external data

In our offering, we also provide a standalone CRM, ERP system that you can use for the digital operations of your company, automatically integrated with the website's functioning. Thus, you can always link display services with all your business functions and processes. Additionally, integration with external systems and solutions is also possible.

Reliable support and service

As part of ensuring the success, operation, and delivery of results, we offer comprehensive support with the possibility of additional services:

  • Administrative and technical support
  • Programming of new features
  • Consulting and bug fixing
  • Marketing consultancy and design
  • Advertisement design

Ad design

We can also provide assistance in managing your marketing with the design and creation of advertisements. We can handle the editing and management of all screens for you.

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